“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

For the past two years Jes has been building the Gandhi Peace Train, a new mode of transportation for his Gandhi Puppet (photo in Gallery).  Because Jes has been busy working on the train, the Gandhi Puppet hasn’t gotten out as much as he used to, but this is all changing.  Jes is organizing a Bridge of Hearts Task Force through the Social Justice Center of Marin http://sjcm.org/ and asking people to join him.  The task force will be looking for new, creative ways to introduce the Gandhi Puppet and his message of nonviolence to the world.  The team’s first project will involve creating a blog for local Bay Area Activists.  We’ll be asking them to pass on inspirational messages to our young people about how they too can “Be the Change” in the world. 

Dear Iran Project introducing Facebook Page

Hands across the Sand- Jes and Gandhi puppet /oil spill action

Ali Nasri speaks of Iranian peace