Welcome substitute teachers! This is the beginning of SUB CLUB, an informal meeting of substitute teachers to talk about how to increase our pay and support each other. You will have an opportunity to share your experiences and create ways to improve our situation in Marin. This is our moment! Teachers and secretaries are currently struggling to find enough subs. I have been subbing for 10 years and I’m familiar with the system and have gotten to know many of the teachers, secretaries, and principals. Come join me as we move forward together.

When : 7:30pm Thurs May 26th, 2016

Where : Aroma Cafe, 1122 4th St., San Rafael
No charge, please RSVP

We can then determine the next meetings to follow. If you are interested contact me at jes_richardson @yahoo.com or call/text me at 415 608-9240.